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82, Mangu-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul ,Korea
TEL : +82-2-1577-3675
FAX : +82-2-2212-2023

Medical department
· Department of Internal Medicine
· Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent medicine
· Department of Neurology
· Department of Psychiatry
· Department of Dermatology
· Department of Surgery
· Department of Thoracic
· Department of Orthopedics
· Department of Neurosurgery
· Department of Plastic Surgery
· Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
· Department of Ophthalmology
· Department of Otolaryngology
· Department of Urology
· Department of Rehabilitation
· Department of Anesthesiology and Pain medicine
· Department of Interventional Radiology
· Department of Diagnosis
· Department of Pathology
· Department of Family medicine
· Department of Emergency medicine
· Department of Industrial medicine
· Department of Dentistry

SahmYook Medical Center is a Seventh Day Adventist medical missionary institution, established to deliver Christian service, share the light of love through holistic treatment, education and development, mission and service. It was first established by an American missionary and doctor, Russell Riley, in SunAhn, PyungNam Province and moved to Hwikyung-dong, Seoul by another American medical missionary, Rue, G. H. in 1936. During the last century, the poor and the sick were embodied by us with treatment and service and we have been gaining the people's confidence ever since. In the midst of the Korean war, we provided treatment to refugees and have kept a long tradition of sharing even when the nation was in great pain.

On the basis of the pioneering spirit and the Christian love for humanity, Dr. Russell (Russell Riley), and Dr. Rue, GH who introduced the practice of Western medicine in Korea and sacrificed themselves for the Korean people, we have since developed into the current SahmYook Medical Center.

In Hwigyeong 2-dong, Dongdaemun at the foothills of Baebong Mountain, we are located in the beautiful and comfortable environment on lands in the amount of 50,000 pyung together with Seoul Adventist Dental Clinic, and SahmYook Nursing School. In the same foundation of fundamental care, there are Pusan Adventist Hospital (Pusan Metropolitan), Eden Nursing Home (Namyangju), YoSu Nursing Home(Yosu Chonnam), Eden Elderly Care Center (Namyangju).

We share in the nation’s joys and sorrows and in the developing its health, we not only produced a doctor for the Korean President, but also introduced an American intern training system. We introduced Korea's first 5-day stop smoking school for the first time in Korea and were awarded the Presidential Citation. We are also a general hospital with 406-beds where medical intern training is conducted in ways to be responsible for the future of South Korea’s medical treatment. With such a winning tradition and history of the hospital, Seoul SahmYook Medical Center is one of the medical networks of Adventist Health which is linked with 167 hospitals and nursing homes who provide 447 different treatments around 204 countries in the world. We are also a sister hospital of Loma Linda Graduate School of Medicine, Porter Memorial Hospital, and St. Helena Hospital and are committed to the introduction of cutting-edge equipments and medical services.

As a hospital, proud of the largest green facility and a hospital environment, we occupied the main building of B1 and 3 stories above ground, Funeral Home, specialized nursing home YouJaWon, Administration building 1 and 2, Health Education Center, Postpartum care centers, Accommodation for Nurses.

As specialized centers, we have Cardiovascular Center, Emergency medical center, Digestive disease center, Prostate laser clinic, Colon rectum clinic, Visa medical laboratory, Breast Clinic, Urination disorders clinic, Micro spinal clinic, Knee clinic, Diabetes clinic, LASIK clinic, Cancer clinic, and Postpartum care center. We are equipped with cutting-edge medical equipments including MD-CT, MRI, Bi-plane cardiac angiography, Excimer laser, Prostate Laser, Mammotomy, and Hygrometer. Through the OCS and FULL PACS operation. We are performing the central function of a general hospital on the basis of coordination, quick services, residency training, and treatment.

Recently, in order to provide patient-centered hospital care, the hospital rooms were relocated to the newly renovated hospital. In addition, the highest level of new funeral home was reconstructed and the complete infrastructure of the You-ja Won nursing home was constructed.

In 2009, a master plan for the long-term hospital development project was launched as a specialized medical center and the department of Neurology was open. Also, we are planning to pursue a One-Stop General Check up Center, You-ja Won Group Home Expansion, and a new rehabilitation ward. We are committed to promote the health of local local residetns through medical collaboration with 200 hospitals and clinics.

SahmYook Medical Center is “closed” on Saturdays and open on Sundays and holidays for the workers to be cared for their convenience.


Medical Department & specialist

Internal Medicine :   Kwak Hyun Jung , kim kyu won , KIM SE WON , Kim Jeong Yeon , PARK SUN HEE , Park Ji Na , SIM MYOUNG KI , AHN HYO SEUNG , YOO MOON BIN , YOON KI CHUL , LEE JONG HWA , LEE HYUNG SEOK , Chung Jae Il , Cho Wook Hyun , Cho Yoo Jin , CHOI SUN RYOUNG
Pediatrics and Adolescent medicine :   KIM IL KYUNG , PARK EUN YOUNG , CHOI JAE HEE
Neurology :   Kwak Jae Gyu , JANG YOON JUNG , HWANG SEUNG YWOL
Psychiatry :   PARK MIN SOOK , LEE SHI EUN
Dermatology :   Cho Tae Ho
Surgery :   KWON HYE YOUN , MOON KWON SANG , Lee Eun Hun , Jung Yong Hwan , HWANG YONG HEE
Thoracic :   KIM SUNG JUN , Lee Jae Jin
Orthopedics :   Kim Tae Ho , SIM JAE CHEON , HA SUNG SIK , HONG KI DO
Neurosurgery :   CHAUG YEON KYU , JUN HYUN KIL
Obstetrics and Gynecology :   Yang Geo Seung , LEE SEONG YOON
Ophthalmology :   KIM SU AH , BAE GI HYUN , Shin Seung Joo , LEE HAE YOUNG
Otolaryngology :   AUO HYEON JIN , HONG JAE MIN
Anesthesiology and Pain medicine :   BAEK SUNG KWON , Yoon So Young , CHANG WON YOUNG
Interventional Radiology :   KIM HYO HEON , JEONG SEOK TAE , Ji Joo Yeon
Diagnosis :   Lee Go Eun
Pathology :   Cho Hye Jae
Emergency medicine :   Khi Woong , Kim Seung Woo , Oh Chang Koan , LEE YONG JOO
Industrial medicine :   Pil Kyun Jung , CHOI MYUNG SUP
Dentistry :   PARK SEONG WON
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