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93-6, Ji-dong, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do ,Korea
TEL : +82-31-1577-8588
FAX : +82-31-248-5520

Medical department
· Department of Internal Medicine
· Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent medicine
· Department of Neurology
· Department of Psychiatry
· Department of Dermatology
· Department of Surgery
· Department of Thoracic
· Department of Orthopedics
· Department of Neurosurgery
· Department of Plastic Surgery
· Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
· Department of Ophthalmology
· Department of Otolaryngology
· Department of Urology
· Department of Rehabilitation
· Department of Anesthesiology and Pain medicine
· Department of Interventional Radiology
· Department of Radiation therapy
· Department of Diagnosis
· Department of Pathology
· Department of Family medicine
· Department of Nuclear medicine
· Department of Emergency medicine
· Department of Dentistry

St.Vincent's Hospital, located at 93-6 Ji-dong, Paldal-gu, Suwon, Kyonggi-do was founded in 1965 by the St. Vincent De Paul Charity Sisters of West Germany and was eventually opended to the general public on June 3,1967. It became the fifth member hospital of the Catholic University of Korea.

Initially the hospital began with eight clinical departments and 190 patient beds in 53, 111㎡ of property area and 15,868㎡ of building area. It received official recognition as a training facility for interns and residents in 1969, military medical staff in 1970, and for medical technicians in 1976.

The hospital continued to undergo a renewal and thereby reinforced the newest medical appliance to offer patients state-of-the-art medical service. The hospital has responded to increasing demand for quality health care through the additions of the Orthopedic Surgery, Neurology and other clinical departments and a whole body CT room. The number of patient beds was expanded to 303 in 1971, to 424 in 1990 and to 442 in1994. In 1989, the hospital opened the information center in order to perform statistical analyses and other related activities. Neurosurgery and an intensive care unit were established in 1990. In 1993, MRI was installed to give accurate, prompt and up-to-date services. In 1994 a ground breaking ceremony was held to mark the construction of the new building. In September of 1995, the bed capacity was increased to 515.

In 1996, Rehabilitation Medicine and Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery were added. In April of 1997, the works for the construction of OCS(Order Communication System) were begun, which has boostered work performance one level up and Nuclear Medicine was established in July, 1997. Therapeutic Radiology was established in April of 1998. In December of 1997, the 21th century Development Committee was organized to prepare for the rapidly changing environments around the hospital, and all members of St.Vincent's Hospital have participated in a campaign for CQI(Continuous Quality Improvement)to improve the quality of service for patient care, and made every efforts to develop the hospital. The system and structure of the hospital were reorganized to satisfy the needs of patients and customers and to secure the maximum of efficiency in medical services.

On April 19, 1999, the hospital moved to this brand-new hospital building with the capacity of 809 sickbeds(4 floors undergrond and 10 stories aboveground). Emergency Care Center, equipped with up-to-date facilities along with trained experts, was established in November, 1999. The hospice care was designed to provide dying patients with the courage to face death with reality and belief in new life and to help them to overcome the fear of death.

We opened Family Medicine Clinic in March, 2000, and opened Neurology Clinic, so we have totally got 24 departments and various special clinics. We're concentrating on professional treatment and research. In February, 2002, we opened radio isotope iodine therapy Clinic. In September, we prepared for full PACS system which is a symbol of digital hospital . In September, 2003, we opened Heart & Vascular Center, and in December, we'll be prepared for PET-CT which is an up-to-date equipment of making a cancer diagnosis.

St. Vincent's hospital introduced Tomotherapy is superior to any other traditional radiation therapy system in southern Gyeonggi-do at fourth so that it has the advantage of treating the overall body parts including the brain, head and neck tumors, corpus & hip area tumors among other things.

St. Vincent's hospital will be improved the Center, Cancer Center, Diabetes Center, Cardiovascular Center, Minimal Invasive Surgery Center, Health Promotion Center. As entered the age of the aging society, St. Vincent's hospital has planned that make more specialized the Center, Cerebrovascular Center, Joint Disease Center, Digestive Disease Center St. Vincent's hospital's Pastoral care department and CPE Center provide the patients with spiritual care as well as physical treatments and Hospice team is helping terminal stage patients from suffering pains to have meaningful and comfortable remaining period of their lives based on the philosophy of the hospital under the spirit of Catholic and spirituality of St. Vincent.

All members of St. Vincent's Hospital are making every efforts to embody the Catholic Spirit and to take care of patients with kindness and love.

Medical Department & specialist

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