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179, Gudeok-ro, Seo-gu, Busan ,Korea
TEL : +82-51-240-7000
FAX : +82-51-254-0251

Medical department
· Department of Internal Medicine
· Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent medicine
· Department of Neurology
· Department of Psychiatry
· Department of Dermatology
· Department of Surgery
· Department of Thoracic
· Department of Orthopedics
· Department of Neurosurgery
· Department of Plastic Surgery
· Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
· Department of Ophthalmology
· Department of Otolaryngology
· Department of Urology
· Department of Rehabilitation
· Department of Anesthesiology and Pain medicine
· Department of Interventional Radiology
· Department of Radiation therapy
· Department of Diagnosis
· Department of Pathology
· Department of Family medicine
· Department of Nuclear medicine
· Department of Emergency medicine
· Department of Dentistry

Founded in 1956 in conformity with the national education law, Pusan National University Hospital(PNUH) has contributed to medical advancement and national health through research and education on medicine, dentistry, nursing science and pharmacology. PNUH has administered 23 medical departments, 8 dental departments and a subsidiary research institute since it was

incorporated in 1994, and has focused on providing better quality medical services in the 21st century

Pusan National University Hospital (PNUH) opened in 1956 as Pusan University Affiliated Hospital under the banner of "Education, Research, Treatment". The hospital made it through all the difficulties of its early years and in 1988 received its present name, Pusan National University Hospital, and under that name has continued to grow and develop.

Since PNUH was incorporated in 1994, the medical staff has strived to maintain a client-centered focus while providing the best service in a state-of-the-art medical environment. As a result, client satisfaction has markedly increased.

Another positive change is the increasing commitment of PNUH to promoting public health and encouraging the public to take advantage of the most advanced medical services. In recognition of its social responsibility as a leading provider of medical services, PNUH also provides health courses for local residents and provides charitable medical services to those in need.

In 2008 PNUH became a two-hospital system with the opening of Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital (PNUYH). PNUYH has been gradually expanding its medical complex with such additions as the Children's Hospital, the Special Care Hospital, the Rehabilitation Hospital, the Dental Hospital, and the Oriental Medicine Hospital. These facilities are spread over an area of approximately 20 hectares and include the most advanced medical devices. These additions clearly demonstrate PNUH's commitment to maintaining its position as a leader in improving the quality of staff and facilities.

In the midst of this impressive growth, in 2008 PNUH announced its ambitious vision of becoming the "World Standard Hospital of 2020", to guide its continued development. The announcement of this vision expresses the confidence of all 3000 members of our team, medical and administrative staff alike, that we can set the world standard as a customer-first hospital. Our greatest challenge will be realizing this goal.

Medical Department & specialist

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