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1651-9, Sinjeong 2(i)-dong, Nam-gu, Ulsan ,Korea
TEL : +82-52-226-1100
FAX : +82-52-226-1199

Medical department
· Department of Internal Medicine
· Department of Surgery
· Department of Orthopedics
· Department of Neurosurgery
· Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
· Department of Anesthesiology and Pain medicine
· Department of Interventional Radiology
· Department of Pathology
· Department of Family medicine
· Department of Emergency medicine
· Department of Industrial medicine
· Department of Dentistry

We are a patient-centered and comfortable, clean and pleasant advanced digital hospital! The common hope for everyone in this world is thought to live a healthy and happy life. To help you live a happy life through healthy living, Central Hospital was established as a patient-centered and comfortable hospital as well as a clean and pleasant advanced digital hospital.

Located adjacent to Ulsan Amusement Park and Gongeoptap round-about , we provide convenient transportation. Also, we introduced advanced medical equipment including the nations’ first high-tech pianissimo silent MRI, high resolution heli-Cali CT, three-dimensional ultrasound, etc. and the best professional staff who are ready to serve paients at any time to completely improve your quality of life.

There is an emergency rescue helicopter on the roof of the central hospital. If you are wondering “How did they think of setting it up here?” and may think is weird and funny. Although the model helicopter cannot fly, it is there to represent our spirit of protecting your lives at any time. With the attitude that we are riding on that helicopter to save you, all our employees are in the forefront to cuitivating a happy lives for everyone in the world.

Medical Department & specialist

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