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1753-3, Ara-1Dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do ,Korea
TEL : +82-64-7171114
FAX : +82-64-757-8276

Medical department
· Department of Internal Medicine
· Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent medicine
· Department of Neurology
· Department of Psychiatry
· Department of Dermatology
· Department of Surgery
· Department of Thoracic
· Department of Orthopedics
· Department of Neurosurgery
· Department of Plastic Surgery
· Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
· Department of Ophthalmology
· Department of Otolaryngology
· Department of Urology
· Department of Rehabilitation
· Department of Anesthesiology and Pain medicine
· Department of Interventional Radiology
· Department of Radiation therapy
· Department of Diagnosis
· Department of Pathology
· Department of Family medicine
· Department of Nuclear medicine
· Department of Emergency medicine
· Department of Dentistry

Jeju National University Hospital shares your love and hope for the future.

The hospital now welcomes you to the new Ara-dong buildings. The Samdo-dong buildings, first opened in November 2001, are now closed following the completion their nine years of successful service..

Jeju National University Hospital is devoted to fulfill its function as a national university hospital by providing well-matched education, research, and medical services to the information age in the 21st century, and to Jeju Free International City. At the same time, as the leading medical center in Jeju, the hospital aims to provide the best quality medical services to all the people in the Jeju area and to all visitors throughout the nation.

The best possible medical service is now available in the newly opened Jeju National University Hospital facilities. Patients are guaranteed the best possible medical service from a highly qualified medical staff, cutting-edge equipment and technology, with new building facilities in a background of natural beauty from Mt. Hallasan, a panoramic ocean view, and the surrounding forests.

The Jeju National University Hospital staff is devoted to gather knowledgeand resources so as to realize the goal to become a global hospital that takes responsibility for a healthy future for the people of Jeju and from all over the world.

Jeju National University Hospital will always listen to the patient’s voice at eye level to make it a place to visit with joy.

We will always appreciate your love and interest.

Thank you.

President of Jeju National University Hospital, Kim Sang Rim

Medical Department & specialist

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